For over 25 years, we have had the joy of playing new instalments of the massively popular FIFA games, created by EA Sports. But what will happen if we see a name change?

Fans of FIFA need to prepare for this reality - there have been some indicators that the long-standing partnership between EA and FIFA is changing. 

Rebranding anything is a big task, and will no doubt be a giant effort from EA in order to keep the legacy of FIFA alive. The talks surrounding renewal rights have hit an impasse of financial nature, according to The New York Times. FIFA is looking for double their usual compensation in order for EA to keep using the name. Moreover, there seems to be a dispute about what should be included in the arrangement. While FIFA prefers to narrow exclusivity to using their name in the football game, EA would like to expand FIFA into including highlights of actual games, arena video game tournaments, and products like NFTs.

The game isn’t going anywhere, however. 

Since its launch, FIFA 22 has had 9.1 million players join the game - with 7.6 million Ultimate Team squads created and 460 million games played. These numbers are according to a press release published by EA in October 2021 - meaning that these numbers have grown exponentially. 

It was in this same release that EA mentioned their intention to possibly rename the franchise. 

In fact, this could be an exciting opportunity for EA to reboot their game. With the implications that come with rebranding, this could be a point for EA to make the changes they would like to make and make expansions that would lend to an even bigger growth of what is already a giant in the gaming industry. 


What could this mean?

The main issue EA will find themselves dealing with is a loss of revenue with the name change. With the rebrand and the fact that over $20 billion has been accumulated over the years, there is a lot at stake for the future of FIFA and EA Sports. 

There’s no doubt that FIFA has become a household name - a kind of pillar that stands strong in the world of esports. The playing experience might not change, but we can probably look forward to some external changes that will enhance being part of the FIFA community. 

Considering the rebrand is for a game that has such a hold on gamers already, there is no doubt that EA will reap massive benefits from forming a vision that is tailored to what they, and the fans, want. As expressed in the press release from last year, EA has said that they are committed to making sure fans have an authentic and enjoyable experience - which bodes well for the future of FIFA, even if that may not directly include the football organisation anymore. It may take some time, but we will likely find ourselves looking at an improved and fresh experience in the years to come - a compelling thought for the future of esports. 

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