Toyota's GR Yaris debuted in January 2020 and has since been seen in a variety of guises, from low-power to a face mask-inspired paint job to the brand new GRMN Yaris revealed by Toyota’s Japanese Gazoo Racing division.

Performance drivers tested the GRMN and determined the necessary changes to create an even more intimidating JDM hot hatch.

The result: remarkable. The "Circuit Package" adds BBS rims, 18" brakes, a Bilstein shock absorber with adjustable damping force and a carbon fiber aero kit, while the "Rally Package" adds a roll bar, guard set, and new shock absorbers. Enhanced body rigidity, a 20kg weight reduction, width increases of 10mm, a ride-height reduction of 10mm, a mechanical limited-slip differential, a close-ratio gear transmission for shorter, snappier, harsher changes, and other internal transmission upgrades that optimise the Yaris' track performance are also introduced in the GRMN.

There are no back seats, the front seats are Recaro buckets, and the engine and driving control have been enhanced with new software and parts. Also, by analysing your driving data, the car can be adjusted to your track style.

It's limited to 500 copies, all headed for Japan. Toyota will conduct a lottery to choose the 500 lucky buyers of the limited-edition vehicle. "Circuit Package" costs 8,467,000 JPY ($73,800 USD), while "Rally Package" costs 8,378,764 JPY ($73,000 USD). 

Take a look at the Toyota Yaris GRMN above, or read the article on Hypebeast.

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