Spot on the Toyota CRYO RDT eCycling team up for grabs

So, you think you’ve got what it takes when it comes to just you and your bike? Now’s your chance to put your fitness and cycling intuition to the test. Why don’t you enter The Toyota Gaming Engine Tour de Virtuale Ecycling Tournament and you could find yourself in a race to audition for your spot on the Toyota CRYO RDT ecycling team.

A unique event providing the opportunity for talented riders to get noticed, The Toyota Gaming Engine Tour de Virtuale eCycling Tournament begins with a two-week training programme including two community rides on Zwift. It will then shift into progressively higher gears over three phases, kicking off on April 14 with individual time trials and culminating with the in-person finals on May 14 at a Cycle Lab store in Gauteng.

According to Vice President of Marketing at Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM), Glenn Crompton, competitive cycling has traditionally been limited to elite athletes who have honed their abilities over years in the seat, developing their on-the-road tactical skills and building their way into the best teams in the world. However, he says, ecycling is now levelling the playing field by allowing cycling enthusiasts and talented individuals to test their mettle on a virtual platform.  

“We are thrilled that, through esports, Toyota is making cycling accessible to a wider audience. We would like everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to compete on a professional level in an ecycling team,” says Crompton.

There are two categories – male and female – in the competition, and entrants must be South African citizens who are 18 years or older. The top three riders from each category stand to win the following:

  • First place – R30 000, a top of the range Garmin indoor trainer and the opportunity to train with and audition for the Toyota CRYO RDT team.
  • Second Place – R20 000, a Garmin indoor trainer and the opportunity to train with and audition for the Toyota CRYO RDT team.
  • Third Place – R10 000.

Phase One takes place over three weeks with rides taking place on Zwift courses. It consists of one Individual Time Trial (ITT) with a Sprint Section on the Tempus Fugit track and one Competitive Race on the Beach Island Loop. The top male and female cyclists will be selected for Phase Two.

Phase Two will pit these riders in each category against each other in an online Zwift competitive ride. The top 10 cyclists will be invited to participate in Phase Three.

Phase Three will see the top 10 riders in both categories ride against each other for the winning spot and will be featured on the Toyota Cadence Cycling Show. In addition to financial and equipment rewards, the top two male and top two female riders will win the opportunity to train with and audition for the Toyota CRYO RDT team.

To help you prepare, for two weeks prior to the kickoff of Phase One, The Toyota Gaming Engine will run a training programme consisting of guided community rides led by the Toyota CRYO RDT team. The programme will also include tips and tricks videos on how to get started on Zwift, as well as advice from a sports nutritionist, a cycling coach and a physiotherapist. 

Registration for the event is now open and closes on 8 April 2022.  To secure the opportunity to test your fitness, skills and potentially win a spot on the Toyota CRYO RDT team, visit


For more information, please visit


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