The Toyota Gaming Engine app is available for all mobile devices and even your desktop. To download the app, you should be prompted when accessing the site via any web browser while signed in to your user profile. However, there might be some occasions where this does not happen, which could be due to restrictions on your notifications, or even internet connection.

Let’s walk you through some steps to ensure you can get the app and jump in and compete with TTGE.



If you do not receive the prompt to download the app, please start by making sure you are logged in to your account and are visiting via a web browser.

If you have done both of the above, not to despair, there are other options available to download the app.

If the app is not already installed, there should be a red download icon in the new navigation sidebar on the left of your screen. Clicking this button should be followed by a prompt to install. Click install and you are done.



In a case where neither of the above options present itself, you can still download the app via a web browser.

In the top right of your web browser are three dots (these might be vertical or horizontal depending on the browser you use). Clicking these will offer you an “Install TTGE App” or “Add to Homescreen” option. Click the available option and the app should be yours to use within seconds.



A few instances may see none of the above successful. As mentioned earlier, this could be due to restrictions out of our control.

We would suggest trying via Chrome or Firefox if you are using other browsers. Also, ensure you do not have a VPN active. You can also try on another internet connection if possible.

Once you have the app downloaded, please remember to turn on notifications so you can get updates throughout your time with TTGE. Simply click on the Inbox tab while logged in to bring up the notification prompt